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Cardiff Council

Hackney Carriages

​​A taxi (also known as a hackney carriage) can:
  • be hailed from the street, 
  • operate from taxi ranks, and 
  • be pre-booked if required. 
Hackney carriages licensed by Cardiff council are black with a white bonnet or a London style black cab.

They should all have:
  • a roof light to indicate when the vehicle is available for hire
  • a white plate on the rear that contains the licence number
  • a fitted taximeter, roof light and a fare table displayed in the vehicle. 


Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976

Authorised Fare tariff

​​Authorised Fare tariff
​​First 103 yards (94.18 metres) or Part thereof
If distance exceeds 103 yards (94.18 metres) for first 103 yards (94.18 metres)​ ​£2.50
​For each subsequent 195 yards (178.30​ metres) ​20p

Waiting time

​Waiting time
​For each period of 48 seconds​ 20p​

Extra charges

​Extra charges
​For hirings between midnight and 6am, and on Sundays and Bank Holidays
​For hirings between 8pm Christmas Eve and 6am on 27t​​h December, and between 8pm New Year's Eve and 6am on 2nd January ​£3
​For each passenger exceeding four ​£1 each
Bicycles, cabin trunks (minimum size 36" x 24" x 18") and items of furniture​ ​50p each
The extra charge for night time, Sundays and Bank Holidays will not apply when extra charge for Christmas and the New Year applies.

​​​For the fouling of a vehicle

  • On all journeys within the boundary of the City and County of Cardiff the driver must use the meter which must not exceed the authorised fare scale shown above.
  • Fares for journeys ending outside the area of the City and County of Cardiff, and in respect of which no fare or rate of fare was agreed before the hiring was effected, must not exceed the authorised fare scale as shown above.
Hackney Carriage drivers cannot refuse a fare that starts and ends within Cardiff and drivers must use the meter for these fares.  However, drivers can refuse any fare that ends outside of Cardiff and they do not have to go on the meter.

All metered fares are regulated by Cardiff Council.

If a Hackney Carriage driver has refused to take you because your fare is too short, or if the driver or vehicle does not meet your expectations, you can report a problem with a taxi to us.​