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Cardiff Council

Llanfair Road Parking Proposals

​We are proposing changes to the way we manage parking on Llanfair Road and surrounding streets.

The changes are designed to improve parking in that area. Due to increased demand from residents, we want to make sure on street space is prioritised for residents and their visitors. 

What we are proposing 

We propose a combination of permit holder only bays and pay and stay bays on: 

  • Llanfair Road
  • Beacon Street 
  • Bloom Street 
  • Meadow Street 

We would put permit holder only bays in front of the properties and stay and pay bays would be located where there is not a property frontage. 

We also propose a single permit holder only bay to be put outside properties along Llandaff Road, between the junctions of Pen-hill Road and Llanfair Road. 

Any disabled bays on the street will remain in place. 

Residents will be able to buy permits to park on the relevant streets. Resident and visitor permits will be available to eligible properties only. 

Permit holders will be exempt from pay and stay bay restrictions and will be able to park in their street or any nearby street. Permit holders would no longer be confined to parking in one street. 

The permit holder restrictions will apply all day everyday so that there is always road space reserved for residents. The pay and stay bays would be operational either from 8am to 7pm Monday to Sunday, or 8am to 10pm Monday to Sunday. 

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This consultation closed on 17/03/2023.


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