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Fishguard Road / Crystal Glen Permit Gate Consultation

​​​​​​​​​We are proposing a highways improvement scheme and would like to hear from you.

Scheme Ref: FGR001
Type of scheme: Traffic Management
Ward: Llanishen

Consultation closed on 01/04/2022

  • Bader Close
  • Cheshire Close 
  • Crundale Crescent
  • Crystal Glen 
  • Fishguard Close
  • Fishguard Road
  • Kane Close
  • Glen View 
  • Gibson Close 
  • Hannah Close
  • Heathbrook 
  • Heol Gwyndaf
  • Heol Merlin 
  • Portfield Crescent
  • St Dogmael’s Avenue 
  • St Martins Crescent 
  • Tedder Close 
  • Trenchard Close
  • Ty Glas Avenue (service road between numbers 1 and 63) 
  • Wavell Close 
  • Wingate Drive 
  • Any other road only accessible from the above
We are proposing to introduce a new “permit gate” scheme to prevent drivers using Fishguard Road and Crystal Glen as a short cut between Tŷ-Glas Avenue and Heathwood Road.

A permit gate is a short stretch of restricted road that only permit holders and taxis can drive in. It will be located on Crystal Glen, starting at its junction with Fishguard Close and finishing approximately 10 metres north of that same junction.

Residents will be able to apply for free permits for their vehicles. Drivers without permits, such as delivery drivers and visitors, will need to leave the area the same way they entered. A CCTV enforcement camera will monitor the permit gate and unauthorised vehicles will receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Double yellow lines will be introduced around the permit gate area to provide turning space for vehicles and ensure clear visibility of the traffic signs.

The scheme will be trialled for 18-months so we can monitor its effectiveness. If it is successful, then it may be made permanent.

Have your say

This consultation is closed now. 

The decision is to progress with the scheme with:

  • 65% responses in support,
  • 34% against it, and
  • 1% unsure.

We will introduce the scheme with these changes:

  • permit gate will only apply​ Monday to Saturday, 7am – 7pm,
  • residents can apply for visitor permits, and 
  • businesses, places of worship and community premises can have up to 10 permits for operational purposes on a first come, first served basis.

If you are a resident or a business in the area, you will receive a letter with more details soon.
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