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Cardiff Council

Off-road bikes

Cardiff Council is working with South Wales Police to clamp down on off-road bikers who are breaking the law by driving dangerously, carelessly and without lawful authority on common land. The police campaign to tackle this issue is called Operation Red Mana. 

If you think a bike or motorised vehicle is being used or stored illegally or is causing a nuisance, please provide as much information as possible. 

Include details such as: 

  • ​date, time and location of incident,
  • colour, make and model of bike, and
  • description of rider’s clothing, helmet or hair colour.

You can report incidents to the police's 101 non-emergency number or you can email your report including any pictures you have to​Or you can report incidents to the Council by emailing​. Issues reported will be recorded for future operations and will be passed onto the police for their records.

The law

The Road Traffic Act 1988 makes it an offence to drive a vehicle dangerously, without due care and attention or in a manner which may cause ‘alarm, distress or annoyance’. If you do so you may be prosecuted and your vehicle may be seized and destroyed. 

The same Act also allows the Police to seize uninsured vehicles and those being driven without a licence.

Offenders may risk losing their homes as anti-social and illegal behaviour could see them in breach of their tenancy agreement with the local authority or housing association.

Cardiff Motor Cross Track

If you or someone you know rides an off-road bike there is a track available near Rover Way for you to visit. If you would like to use the track please contact Cardiff Motor Cross centre​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​External link opens in a new window

The track is currently free to use. Once registered to use the track we ask that riders volunteer some time to help run the facility.

We carry out checks on the vehicles to ensure they are safe to ride, ensure all riders are wearing protective equipment and the facility is open for everyone from the age of 7 upwards. You must only use the track when the facility is open to ensure public liability insurance is valid.

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