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Local Access Forum

Who We Are

The Local Access Forum is a statutory body formed as a requirement of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. The Forum has been in existence since October 2003 but has to reconstitute itself every three years as required by law. The forum is volunteers who include a range of people from across Cardiff including landowners, access users such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders and those representing other interests such as health and conservation.

Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) for Cardiff

The ROWIP is a 10-year prioritised plan for the improvement of Cardiff’s rights of way network and is intended to benefit all users – walkers, cyclists, horse riders and off-road users, as well as people with sight and mobility problems. The plan sets out the principle means by which the highway authority will identify, prioritise and plan for improvements to the existing network.

ROWIP Grant Funding

The Welsh Government has provided a major boost to the implementation of these plans by means of the ROWIP Funding Programme, which is administered and managed by Natural Resources Wales. Cardiff has benefited massively by receiving this funding through creating more accessible routes, removal of physical barriers (i.e. stiles for gates; surface condition upgraded; creation of new trails, etc.).  

The Programme is overseen by a project board which consists of representatives of Natural Resources Wales, the Welsh Government and local authorities. Authorities are required to comply with a number of conditions, including reporting on work achieved each year. These reports are compiled by Natural Resources Wales, are approved by the project board and published.