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Cardiff Council

Parking permit terms and conditions


1. Resident parking permits are only issued to residents of properties that are part of a residential parking permit scheme. Residents of new developments, new builds, converted properties and those of existing halls of residences will not be entitled to on-street resident parking permits. 

2. Please note that the purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a space in a resident parking area. If resident parking areas are full, alternative parking areas may need to be sought and the restrictions in that area must be adhered to.

3. Parking Permits are available in either Welsh or English. We will ensure that permits are sent in accordance with your language choice, and annual renewals will be sent automatically in the language you have previously selected. To receive a Welsh parking permit, please select ‘Cymraeg’ and complete the application form in Welsh. If you wish to change your language choice at any time, please apply for a new permit and complete the application in either Welsh or English.​

4. Parking in a resident parking bay is not permitted until the permit is received and displayed in the vehicle.


5. All applications must be made in the manner determined by the Council. The Council reserves the right to alter the application process at any time should the need arise

6. The Council reserves the right to deny any application when it is not satisfied that the conditions to which an application must be made have been fulfilled

7. You may be asked at any time to provide additional documents or evidence in support of an application

Surrender, withdrawal and validity of permits

8. There is no charge for changing the vehicle registered on your permit whilst at the same property within the time already paid for. Your permit should be returned to the Council to be altered. However, if the permit cannot be returned for exchange then it will be considered as a lost permit ( please see points 7 & 8)

9. If a vehicle specific permit is lost or destroyed then the permit holder should apply to the Council for the permit to be refreshed upon the Council being satisfied as to the validity of the claim of such loss or destruction

10. Visitor Permits, Visitor Only Permits and Motor Trader Permits will not be replaced if they are lost or destroyed as they are not vehicle specific

11. All permits are non-refundable

12. If a permit is mutilated or defaced, or the figures or particulars on the permit have become illegible or faded, or the permit is in any way damaged to prevent its use then the permit holder shall return it to the Council so that it may be refreshed

13. If you no longer require your permit then the permit must be returned to the Council

14. All permits are non-transferable (for example if you move address)

15. Landlords and owners of the property are not permitted to apply for a permit unless they reside at the property for which the application is made

16. Resident parking permits remain the property of the Council and may be cancelled or revoked at any time. If a Civil Enforcement Officer requests to view your parking permit you must show it to them. If they suspect that it is being fraudulently used they have the powers to seize your permit and you must not obstruct them from carrying out this action.

17. Permits will not be granted for any passenger vehicle which has a trailer attached or which carries more than 12 passengers.

18. Permits will not be granted to goods vehicles which are constructed or adapted for the use for the carriage of goods or a trailer. The overall height must not exceed 2.44 metres and the overall length must not exceed 5.49 metres.


 19. Your permit will be accompanied by a letter that explains how to use your permit. The instructions contained
within that letter must be adhered to at all times

20. All permits must be clearly displayed and attached to the windscreen or placed on the dashboard of the vehicle, ensuring that all the relevant particulars will be visible to an inspecting Officer at all times

21. If for any reason you do not have access to a valid permit you are not entitled to park in a resident permit bay, area or zone and must find a legal alternative

22. Any vehicle parking within a resident permit holder only bay must ensure that every part of the vehicle stands within the limits of the bay

23. If you breach these terms and conditions you may be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (parking fine)


The information you have provided will be processed in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligation. Your information will be treated as confidential, however it will be shared with the Wales Audit Office for the prevention and detection of fraud and other organisations when required to by law.

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