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Cardiff Council

Weight Limit Restrictions


While we try to keep Cardiff’s roads available to all traffic wherever possible, sometimes there are circumstances when we need to impose weight restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles. These restrictions fall into two categories – structural and environmental.  

Structural Weight Limits​

These restrictions are placed on structures, such as bridges over railway tracks or rivers, which are not strong enough for heavy vehicles to cross. Signs will inform drivers of the maximum gross weight that the vehicle must not exceed. 

It is important to adhere to any structural weight limit. Failing to adhere to a structural weight limit could cause the structure to collapse with the potential for serious damage or loss of life. It is also a criminal offence and you may be prosecuted if you drive your vehicle over the structure when not permitted to do so. 

Our structural weight restrictions are: 

Location Structure​​Weight Limit
​​Caerphilly road (A469)
​Over-rail bridge
​18 tonnes temporary order
College Road (Llandaff North)
Over-rail bridge26 Tonnes
Crofft-y-genau RoadCulvert18 Tonnes
Heath Halt RoadOver-rail bridge18 Tonnes
Highfield Road
Over-rail bridge3 Tonnes
Leckwith RoadBridge over the river Ely7.5 Tonnes
Station Road (Creigiau)Over-rail bridge18 Tonnes
Station Road (Llandaff North)Over-rail bridge7.5 Tonnes
Tyn-Y-Coed Road (Creigiau)Culvert18 Tonnes​

​​​Environmental Weight Limits​​​​​

Weight restrictions can be placed on roads to prevent their use by heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) for environmental reasons. Most often this is to prevent HGVs from using minor roads as shortcuts between main routes, particularly if they go through residential areas.   

Environmental weight limits can be applied to individual routes or to zones and normally apply to HGVs over 7.5 tonnes maximum gross weight. However, environmental weight limits usually have an exemption for certain activities such as vehicles making deliveries to businesses within the zone. 


Currently only the Police and Trading Standards have the powers to enforce structural weight limits. 

We have CCTV enforcement cameras that monitor some environmental weight restrictions and can issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to offenders.

Unfortunately, where exemptions for access apply, enforcement can be very difficult as we would have to follow every HGV through the length of the restriction to check for any permitted activities before a PCN could be issued. 

Our environmental weight limits that do not have exemptions for access are:

Location Weight Limit Sign Camera enforced?
Ty-Nant Road:
Between Pughs Garden Centre Retail Village and Ffordd Treforgan
7.5 Tonnes maximum gross weight (except permit holders) 7.5t weight limit
Yes – at all times​

Access Permits​

At some locations you will need a Traffic Access Permit to drive a HGV in a restricted access street or zone.​

Location Restricted Road Weight Limit​Permit Zones

Radyr / Morganstown
Ty-Nant Road
7.5 Tonnes
​All properties​ only accessible from Heol Isaf or Ty-Nant Road (south of its roundabout junction with Ty-Nant Court)​

Traffic access permits allow you to use certain restricted roads when, in the course of the running or operating of your business, you require regular access to the restricted area and are unable to use an alternative route.  

You will only need to apply for a permit if your vehicle exceeds the weight limit. 

All access permits are free and will need to be applied for online using our MiPermit Cardiff service. 
As permits are virtual you will not need to display anything in your vehicle.


Properties within the permit zone​​

To register a vehicle for a Traffic Access Permit will need to upload: 
  • Proof that you use that vehicle (such as a V5c logbook or insurance document) and 
  • Confirmation of your requirement to access the area, such as a delivery schedule or covering letter from a company director on headed paper.

We aim to review all applications within 7 working days. 

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully. 

Properties outside of the restricted access area ​​

You will first need to apply to have your property registered to be eligible to apply for access permits. 

Once completed this will need to be sent to 

We aim to review all applications within 7 working days. 


Traffic Access Waiver permits allow short term access to the restricted permit area. Access waivers are free, and only apply to the day on which access is required. 

You may apply for an access waiver​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window​ ​ if you are delivering to any property only accessible from Heol Isaf or Ty-Nant Road (South of its roundabout junction with Ty-Nant Court).   

You will need to upload proof of your requirement for access (such as a delivery receipt). Terms and conditions will apply.