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What happens if I receive a PCN?

We use wireless and mobile cameras to encourage compliance with moving traffic regulations and to deter drivers from carrying out dangerous manoeuvres on Cardiff’s roads, improve safety, reduce congestion and to keep Cardiff moving.


The owner of any vehicle involved in a contravention of Cardiff’s traffic and bus lane restrictions will receive a Penalty Charge Notice through the post within 28 days. 

The PCN will include photographic stills and a link to a website where you can view the footage of the alleged contravention.  

The penalty for all bus lane and moving traffic contraventions in Cardiff is £70.00. If payment is made within 21 days then this is reduced to £35.00. 

If you receive a PCN then you must decide either to pay the penalty or to appeal.​ You cannot do both, but don’t worry, if you appeal the penalty will not rise while your case is being considered. 

If the PCN is ignored then the penalty will increase and you may end up having to pay a substantial amount of money.

Unlike a speeding fine, the person or company named on the PCN is solely responsible for it.

This is because the law makes the owner liable for the charge unless the vehicle was on hire.

 For this reason you should not appeal on the basis that you were not driving or provide the Council with the name of the driver as this will not change anything and you will still remain liable. 

If you ignore the PCN then the Council will send you a Charge Certificate which provides you with 14 days to pay an increased penalty of £105.

Failure to make full payment of the outstanding balance may result in the Council applying to the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court for a warrant to recover the amount due.

Additional court and enforcement agent fees may be incurred for which you would also be liable to pay. If you do nothing your possessions may be seized and sold. 

If a warrant has been issued to recover what you owe but you still do not pay then several other options may be open to the Council.

We may have the debt attached to your earnings, which means your employer will be forced to deduct the debt from your wages, or apply for a Third Party Debt Order, which means your bank account may be frozen until the debt is paid.

Not paying a PCN can lead to serious financial difficulties.  

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