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Blue Badge Parking

​​​​​ ​If you have mobility difficulties or are registered blind, you may be eligible for a Blue Badge to use dedicated accessible parking across the UK.

If you can provide proof of disability, you may be eligible even if you think you do not meet the criteria. 

Apply online

You can apply for a Blue Badge online. You will have to include:

  • a recent photograph,
  • proof of your medical condition,
  • proof of identity, and
  • proof of address.

Please make sure you include an email address so we can send you updates on your badge application and renewal information. 

If we do not have a valid email address, you may not receive a reminder when your badge is due to expire.​

If you prefer, you can also send a copy of these ​​​documents to, or to:
The Blue Badge Team, 
Parking Services, 
PO Box 47, 
CF11 1QB.

Contact us for help applying if you cannot apply online yourself.

After your online application

Once we receive your application, we will arrange a phone call with you to confirm:​

  • your name, address, email and phone number,
  • your previous badge number and expiry date if you are renewing it,
  • your National Insurance (NI) Number,
  • your medical condition and medication, and
  • the name and address of your doctor (not your GP if possible).

You will also need to tell us about any treatments and services you have had in the past 10 years. For example, carers and clinics attended, or meals on wheels.

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)​ to keep all your information safe and confidential.

Parking with a Blue Badge

Your badge and parking clock must be on the dashboard or front panel of your car with the details visible through the windscreen.

If you park somewhere with a parking time limit, you must include a parking clock with your badge to show your time of arrival.

You can use your Blue Badge to park for as long as you need in:

  • on-street pay and display parking
  • council car parks
  • Blue Badge holders’ only bays

You can park on any of the following for up to 3 hours if you use a parking clock with your Blue Badge:

  • resident bays,
  • double yellow lines, or
  • single yellow lines.

Parking outside of controlled hours is free. 

Check car park signs for charges, time limits and special rules for Blue Badge holders, or loading bans.
You may receive a parking ticket if you display them incorrectly. 

It is the badge holder or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the Blue Badge is kept safe at all times.

We strongly recommend that the badge stays with the badge holder when it is not being used. Please do not leave it in a vehicle when it is not being used, even if you use the vehicle regularly.

We carry out effective enforcement of blue badges. If you are found to be misusing the badge, you may be prosecuted.​

Replacing your Blue Badge

Blue Badges are normally free in Wales but there is a £10 replacement fee if you lose or damage your badge.

You need to include a cheque or postal order with your application. Make it payable to “Cardiff Council” and write your name on the back.
Do not send post-dated cheques or cash by post as they can get lost.

Renewing your Blue B​adge

Your Blue Badge is valid for three years. You need to renew it within 2 weeks of the expiry date.

If you are not renewing your Blue Badge, return it to the Council as soon as possible. If the Blue Badge is expired, you can just destroy it.

If you use an out of date or incorrect Blue Badge, you will get a parking ticket.

​If your details change

Tell us if your details or circumstances change. It’s important to keep our records up to date so your badge stays valid.

If you are moving out of Cardiff, you will need to apply to your local council when your current badge expires.

Blue Badges for organisations

You can apply for a Blue Badge if your organisation cares for and transports disabled people who are eligible. 

Your organisation can only use the badge when transporting disabled people. 

A Blue Badge for your organisation costs £10.

Misuse of Blue Badge

You can only use a Blue Badge if you are the registered holder, or if the registered holder is travelling with you in the car.

If you are using a badge that does not belong to you, you will get a fine of up to £1,000.

You can let us know confidentially if someone is parking illegally in a ‘blue badge only’ parking bay or misusing a blue badge on 029 2087 2087.

Contact us

For more information and support: 

Contact us

You can email us at ​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window, or call us on 029 2087 3209​ between 9.30am to 12pm, Monday to Friday.

You can also write us at:

The Blue Badge Team,
Parking Services,
PO Box 47,
CF11 1QB.
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