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Misuse of a blue badge

It is the badge holder or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that the Blue Badge is kept safe at all times.

We strongly recommend that the badge stays with the badge holder when it is not being used. Please do not leave it in a vehicle when it is not being used, even if you use the vehicle regularly.

We carry out effective enforcement of blue badges. If you are found to be misusing the badge, you may be prosecuted.

You can only use a blue badge if you are the registered holder, or if the registered holder is travelling with you in the car. 

Fraud Officers regularly patrol the city and can seize a badge if they identify that it is being misused. 

If you are using a badge that does not belong to you, you will get a fine of up to £1,000. 

You can let us know confidentially if someone is parking illegally in a blue badge only parking bay or misusing a blue badge by calling 029 2087 2087. 


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