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Europe Direct – Publications and Resources

Europe Direct information centre - Cardiff has a wide range of information about the European Union and this is mostly in the form of free EU publications.


We also have:


  • a selection of EU related reference books
  • a large collection of EU related leaflets for reference
  • a selection of European statistical publications
  • European maps and travel guides
  • Subscriptions to the European newspapers, European Voice, Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine and El Pais. Files are held for six months
  • Subscriptions to European periodicals - Enterprise and Industry, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Environment for Europeans and many more
  • Free internet access and online subscriptions to European Sources Online, Marketline, Newsbank, Times Digital Archive
  • European fiction (Floor 2)
  • European language dictionaries and learning materials (Floor 3)
  • European films and music (Floors 2 and 3)


Leaflet request

Key Publications of the European Union

Some of the key publications produced by the European Union can be requested below.
Please visit the EU BookshopExternal link opens in a new window for a full selection of leaflets, booklets and other materials or request any bulk titles you require below. Single copies can be requested from the EU site directly.

Please note some are only available in pdf format. We are unable to supply print on demand titles.

To make a request, please use the online form stating which publications you require from the list below and the amounts you wish to receive.


Europe Direct Key Publications 2014

Did you know? 10 EU rights at a glance
Europe in 12 lessons
Europe: what’s it all about
The European Council/The Council
The European Social Fund investing in people
The European Union facts and figures
Freedom to move and live in Europe
How the European Union works
Get the services you need wherever you are
Guide to the European Citizen’s Initiative
Let’s explore Europe – History of Europe
Passport to the European Union
Problems with the EU
Questions about the European Union?
A Short guide to the European Union
Your Europe
Your Europe your rights


The European Union Explained

Series of 29 booklets covering different policy areas 


The EU 2014

The EU 2014 Budget at a glance
Lucky you had a European Health Insurance Card
Travelling in Europe 2014-15


Employment 2014

Do you want to work in another EU Member State?
The EU provisions on social security
The European Employment Strategy
Finding a job in Europe
Ready to make the move?
Recruiting in Europe


Children and Schools

A present for Timmy
All you need is space
Benny’s a champion
Blossom lane
Europe and you
Farms are fun
How you can learn languages
Imagine and draw a better environment with Tom
Let’s explore Europe
The mystery of the golden stars
Passport to the European Union
Travel Book and Map
United in diversity


Bunting and display materials


​Maps and posters