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Cardiff Council

Proposed Disposal of Land at Ball Road and fronting Llanrumney Hall, Llanrumney, Cardiff.

​Playing Fields (Community Involvement in Disposal Decisions) (Wales) Regulations 2015​​​​​.

The Decision Report 

Cardiff County Council is proposing to dispose of land comprising playing fields, located adjacent to Llanrumney Hall and Ball Road, Llanrumney. ​

Where a Council proposes to dispose of land containing a playing field or part of a playing field, it must have regard to the Playing Fields (Community Involvement in Disposal Decisions) (Wales) Measure 2010 and comply with the procedure set out in the Playing Fields (Community Involvement in Disposal Decisions)(Wales) Regulations 2015. The Regulations require the Council to undertake a process of public consultation and to consider any responses prior to the making of a decision to dispose. 

The Regulations require that the Council, having considered any representations received, must prepare a report (“The Decision Report”) summarising those representations and the reasons for its decision to dispose (or not to dispose), of the playing field.

In accordance with the Regulations, the Council undertook a public consultation for a six week period between 6th January 2021 and 19th February 2021.

As a result of the consultation, 6 responses were received from local residents. A summary of the nature of the objections are set out below.

  • Loss o​f green open space, especially for informal recreational purposes for the whole community (dog walking, children’s play etc.).
  • Loss of a valuable and well-loved local community asset.
  • Inadequate replacement open space facilities at Mendip Road – which only caters for a small part of the community and won’t be available to all local residents. 
  • Detrimental impact of additional housing on local infrastructure, especially roads / increase in traffic, schools and other community facilities.
  • Negative impact on views and property values. 
  • Detrimental impact on Llanrumney Hall in terms of its historical setting, loss of visual amenity and ability to host outside events 
  • Loss of facility would compound the loss of many other local community facilities, especially for children and lack of general investment in the area. 
  • Decrease in open space proportionate to housing. 
  • No guarantee that there will be sufficient funds left over to invest in the replacement sports facilities, as costs of the new road and bridge could escalate. 

No responses were received after the end of the consultation period.

A ‘provisional’ objection was received from Sport Wales and Fields in Trust (who are specialist consultees listed in the Regulations). This was subsequently withdrawn following the provision of additional information. In this respect the proposal satisfies the criteria set out in Planning Policy Wales relating to the protection of open space from development.

The representations have been considered by the Council at a Cabinet meeting held on the 20th May 2021.

The original justification and rationale for proposing to dispose of the playing field was previously set out by the Council in a Cabinet Report held in November 2020 and the Details that formed part of the statutory public consultation that took place between 6th January and 19th February 2021.

Having considered the representations, the Council’s decision is to proceed with the disposal of land at Ball Road and fronting Llanrumney Hall.

The underlying rationale for the decision to dispose of the playing field is to develop the site for up to 90 new open market dwellings and use the resulting capital receipt to contribute towards the costs of a proposed new link road and bridge connecting the Llanrumney ward to the A48 alongside the Pentwyn Park and Ride site, and to improve local sports facilities at a proposed new Outdoor Sports Complex off Mendip Road Llanrumney.

The replacement facilities at the proposed new Outdoor Sports Complex at Mendip Road is seeking to create new additional pitches and a new clubhouse / changing facility for the use of Llanrumney RFC and the local community. The new community playing fields will comprise of:

  • 1 grass rugby pitch (70m x 110m) with a 5m runoff. 
  • 1 grass football pitch (66m x 96m with a 3m runoff. 
  • 1 grass youth pitch (61m x 98m). 
  • 3 separate grass mini pitches. 
  • 8 mini pitches (within the larger pitches).

It is considered that these enhanced fa
cilities will increase local participation in sport and represent more than equivalent compensation for the loss of the existing single pitch at Ball Road.

The new community playing fields will also provide opportunities for informal recreation for the local community (when not in formal use) and are located only approximately 600m from the existing field.

The Council is fully committed to the delivery of the new facilities. This is demonstrated by previous Council Cabinet Reports and the submission of the necessary planning application required to implement the replacement facilities.

The proposed new bridge and link road is set within the context of the 2019 East Cardiff Industrial Strategy (approved by Cabinet in October 2019) which aims to increase connectivity and job opportunities within the Llanrumney area. The Llanrumney Development Strategy proposes the disposal of 3 areas of Council owned land. In addition to the disposal of the playing field site at Ball Road it is also proposed to dispose of a large tranche (17ac / 6.88 ha) of land adjacent to the A48 junction at Pentwyn, to fund the Strategy’s proposals.

An independent valuation appraisal has been undertaken, and this has concluded that the 3 potential development sites could deliver capital receipts to meet the costs of the new bridge and link road and generate sufficient capital to fund the proposed sports facilities.

In addition, the proposed housing development could generate additional S106 monies to assist in the delivery of both on-site and off-site open space provision and recreation facilities within the local area.

Given the Council’s public commitment, independent valuations and prospect of additional S106 monies coming forward, there is a high degree of certainty that sufficient funding will be available to deliver the new Outdoor Sports Complex including the replacement community playing fields together with other community initiatives.

In terms of potential impacts that any new housing may have on local infrastructure (including school places and the local highway network). These will be fully assessed at a future planning application stage and will be appropriately mitigated by the use of planning obligations – commitments to undertake necessary works or financial contributions to off-set any local impacts directly related to the development.

The loss of 1.24ha (3ac) of existing formal recreation playing pitch at Ball Road will be more than compensated for in quantitative terms by the implementation of approximately 12ac (5ha) of new formal recreation land at the community playing fields site that forms part of the wider Outdoor Sports Complex at Mendip Road. The implementation of which will result in a net increase of 8ac (3.2ha) of formal recreation land within the Llanrumney ward.

A substantial area of open space will also be retained in front of Llanrumney Hall. This area will separate the Listed Building from the proposed new housing area. This retained area of open space will be improved and will provide opportunities for formal and informal recreation for the local community. The area will also be suitable for hosting possible outdoor events organised by Llanrumney Hall, as well as protecting and enhancing the setting of the Listed Building.

Notice is hereby given that Cardiff Council has made a decision to dispose of land comprising of part of playing fields adjacent to Ball Road and fronting Llanrumney Hall, Llanrumney, Cardiff.

Details of the decision to dispose of the land (The Decision Report) is available for public inspection at Llanrumney Hall, Llanrumney, Cardiff, CF3 4JJ during normal office hours for a period of six weeks from the 23 July 2021. The information is also available on the Council’s website at

Date of Notice: 23 July 2021

Giles Parker,
Strategic Estates Manager,
Cardiff Council,
The Courtyard,
CF10 4UW