The Wenallt is an area of semi natural ancient woodland to the north of Cardiff.  The land extends into other woodlands to the north west – Cwm Nofydd, designated as a Local Nature Reserve and Fforest Ganol – a Site of Special Scientific interest.

The area is a well known local beauty spot and a popular site for picnics in summer. In spring there are displays of bluebells and other spring flowers throughout the woodland.


  • Wenallt camp is a hill fort of undetermined age located in the southern part of the Wenallt woodland. The fort would have afforded extensive views across the Cardiff area and over the Bristol Channel.
  • Extensive footpath and bridleway network
  • Wildlife haven. The woodland contains local sites for nature conservation and its varied biodiversity includes badgers, buzzards, great spotted woodpeckers and wood warblers 



  • Car Parking


Opening hours

The parkland is open 24 hours a day.

How to find us

Access point


Lower car park


Upper car park


Wenallt hill fort




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Parking: Parking is available on site.