Roath Park, opened in 1894, is Cardiff's most popular public park and still retains its classic Victorian atmosphere and layout. 


  • Roath Park Lake: The 30 acre man-made lake is a popular facility for fishing and boating. The Scott Memorial Lighthouse on the lake is one of Cardiff's iconic images
  • Wild Garden: North of the lake, its winding paths and wildflowers are shaded by trees
  • Llandennis Oval: North of the Wild garden, this is a site steeped in history. Its ancient pond is said to be the site of St Isan's 12th century 'Llan' or enclosure
  • Botanic Garden: South of the dam, the ‘botanics’ contains a superb tree and shrub collection, floral displays, adventure playground and Roath Park Conservatory
  • Roath Pleasure Gardens: Lying south of Eastern Avenue, the Pleasure Gardens provides bowls, tennis and basketball facilities in a parkland setting
  • Roath Recreation Ground: South east of the Pleasure Gardens, the home of Welsh baseball also provides football and rugby pitches, a children's playground and trim trail



  • Roath Park Conservatory (Botanic Garden) open for self guided tours and school visits
  • Public toilets and baby changing (Boatstage, Botanic Garden and Recreation Ground)
  • Children’s playgrounds (Botanic Garden and Recreation Ground)
  • Roath Park cafeteria (Botanic Garden)
  • Ice cream kiosk (Botanic Garden)
  • Boat hire from the boatstage at Roath Park Lake
  • Sports fields and changing rooms
  • Bowling and tennis at Roath Pleasure Gardens


Opening hours

The park and pleasure gardens are open from 7.30am - 30 mins before sunset.

The recreation ground is open 24 hours a day.

How to find us

Access point

GPS (latitude / longitude)

Roath Park lake

51.509604 / -3.174913

Roath Park conservatory / Botanic Garden

51.50511 / -3.17522

Roath Pleasure Ground

51.500875 / -3.172738

Wild Garden

51.514857 / -3.175843

Llandennis Oval

51.518255 / -3.177266

Roath Recreation Ground

51.498489 / -3.167042



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Parking: On-street parking is available in the surrounding area.