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Allotment Sites and Prices

Allotment plots vary in size and are let in multiples of 25sqm known as a “perch”, a full size plot is 250m² (10 perch).  You should be able to carry out 1 hour of work per perch per week as a guide to the commitment needed

Most beginners start with smaller plots and apply for a larger plot at a later date once they are sure of the commitment involved.  The size of plot is up to you in consultation with the Site Representative and depending on the plots available when you visit. 

Ten sites have brick cubicle storage to rent at £26.36 a year (no concessions).  Ask the Site Secretary if one is available.


Category A:  £12.08per 25m² (1 perch) per year 


These sites have toilets, water supplies and made-up roads.


  • Allensbank Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Birchgrove Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Flaxland Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Highfields Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Llandaff Fields Allotments
  • Pengam Pavilion Allotments
  • Pontcanna A Allotments


Category B: £11.72 per 25m² (1 perch) per year 

These sites have water supplies and made-up roads. 


  • Colchester Avenue Allotments
  • College Farm Allotments
  • Cowbridge Road Allotments
  • Elgar Crescent Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Ely Great Farm Allotments
  • Fairwater Allotments
  • Forest Farm Allotments
  • Greenway Road Allotments
  • Heol Chappell Allotments
  • Lady Mary Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Llandaff North Allotments
  • Llanishen Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Lon Y Deri Allotments - With effect from 1/5/2018 the waiting list for this site is closed. (updated 7/5/2018)​
  • Lynton Terrace Allotments
  • Pengam Moors Allotments
  • Pontcanna Permanent Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • Pontcanna Chalet Gardens (Chalets at Pontcanna Chalet Gardens cost £114.60 per year or £57.30 per year with concession) - With effect from 13/3/2018 the waiting list for this site is closed. (updated 7/5/2018)
  • Porthamal Road Allotments
  • Rhydypenau Allotments (Brick cubicle storage)
  • South Rise Allotments


Category C: £11.26 per 25m² (1 perch) per year 

This site does not have toilets, water or made-up roads. 


  • Leckwith-Droves Allotments


How to apply for a plot.​​​