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Your rights

You don’t have to be sleeping on the stree​ts or not have a roof over your head to be considered homeless. Most people who are legally homeless are not living on the streets.

You can legally be accepted as homeless if, for example:

  • You do not have ‘a roof over your head’ or you are street homeless.
  • You are at risk of violence or abuse where you are living. This can be from a partner, ex-partner or family member, or someone in your area.
  • You are at risk of losing your home. For example, you are being evicted or have been asked to leave.
  • You cannot afford to stay where you are living.
  • Your accommodation is very temporary.
  • You are staying with friends or ‘sofa surfing’.
  • You have been locked out or illegally evicted.
  • Your accommodation is in very poor condition or is dangerous.
  • You have nowhere to put your houseboat or caravan.

If one or more of these apply you may be eligible for help. If you are unsure please contact us for advice.
We can give you advice and assistance at any time. 

If you believe that you might become homeless or you are threatened with homelessness please contact us without delay.

We can advise if you should make a homeless application, and will help you to complete it.
This is an assessment with a housing options officer (case worker) to understand your housing situation.

Your case worker will discuss your case with you, and how you want to resolve your housing problem.

Together you will look at any options available for you.

You will create an action plan which will give details of any work that needs to be done to help secure your housing in the future.

This may be help with budgets, mediation or with rent rescue. Your plan will be personal to you and your family and dependent on your circumstances.

You will need to complete some of the tasks, for example claiming a benefit, and some will be completed by your case worker.

If you need help to complete your tasks we can arrange for extra assistance.

You will receive an action plan at the end of your assessment. Your case worker will arrange to keep in touch with you for updates on how the plan is working.
The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 means that you may be entitled to:

  • Advice and assistance,
  • A homeless assessment,
  • Help to prevent you becoming homeless,
  • Help to find a new home,
  • Continued assistance to find a home (if you are considered to fall into one of the Priority Need groups and you are not considered Intentionally Homeless.
If it is not possible to prevent you becoming homeless, or you are already homeless when you contact us, we will consider if you need temporary accommodation.

Your case worker will discuss your options and undertake an assessment with you to help you find the best housing solution and will support you to find suitable housing.

You will work together to ensure that once you have found a housing option it can provide a long term solution for you. This will include ensuring you can afford your new home, that it meets health and safety standards and is suitable for you and your family​.

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