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Empty homes

We want to make sure that any private houses left empty are brought back into use and do not cause problems for people living nearby.   
Empty homes can lead to a number of problems, such as:
  • illegal occupation or squatting, 
  • vandalism, 
  • rubbish build up, and
  • rats.
If you know of an empty home in Cardiff, please tell us so that we can contact the owner and take steps to stop it falling into disrepair.  
If you own a house that has been left empty find out what options are available to you. You can get advice for owners of empty homes on the Homes from Empty Homes website.  

Houses into Homes loan


Funded by Welsh Government Houses into Homes loans are provided to eligible home owners to renovate long term vacant property for sale or for rent - bringing empty properties back into use.

The scheme offers interest-free loans to owners of empty properties, in order to assist them to:

  • renovate a dwelling to a reasonable standard, free from any serious hazards (as a minimum), so that it is suitable for immediate occupation, whether by for sale (loan to sell) or to let (loan to let); or
  • to convert an empty property or commercial building into one or more units to the Houses into Homes Standard (as a minimum), so that it is suitable for immediate occupation, whether by sale (loan to sell) or to let (loan to let).

The loans are offered interest free and are to be repaid over a 2 or 3 year period. Maximum loan amount £25,000 per unit of accommodation, with a limit of £150,000 per applicant.


The scheme is operated jointly by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and The City of Cardiff Council. Qualifying criteria for the loans and terms and conditions have been set nationally.


Qualifying criteria


To qualify person(s) applying for the loan may either be the existing or prospective owner(s), but must in either case be able to supply security for the loan.
  • the property must be in the applicant(s) name before the loan can be approved.
  • the applicant must not have any debt owing to the Council.
  • the applicant must not have been prosecuted by the Council for housing related offences.
  • the property must have been vacant for a minimum of 6 months.


To be eligible works must:

  • on completion, result in the property or units being suitable for immediate occupation as a dwelling(s),
  • comply with all relevant Building Regulations, and
  • achieve the Houses into Homes Standard. In summary this standard ensures the property:

    • meets the current statutory minimum standard for housing
    • is in a reasonable state of repair
    • has reasonably modern facilities and services, and
    • provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort, i.e. efficient heat and insulation.


An administration fee is payable to the Council on submission of the application as follows:

​Loan amount ​Fee
​£0 - £50,000 ​£295
​£50,001 - £100,000 ​£395
​£100,001 - £150,000 ​£495

A Land Registry Fee is also payable to cover the Council’s cost to register a first or second charge on the property being offered as security. This fee is as follows:

  • for loans up to £149,999.99 the fee is £50.00 per title
  • for loans over £149,999.99 the fee is £70.00 per title

A company applying for a loan will also be required to pay a fee of £45.00 to cover costs associated with registering the charge at Companies House. Applications received without payment of the associated fees will not be processed.



Contact the Housing Development Team for more information.



02920 537366