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Cardiff Council

Electrical Safety Checks


We are currently prioritising emergency or urgent council housing repairs only. If you need to contact us about an emergency or urgent repair please call 029 2087 2087.

If you are reporting an emergency or urgent repair and you are self-isolating or have tested positive for Covid-19 please let us know when you report the repair.

​If you have an emergency or urgent housing repair appointment booked, and then you test positive or have Covid-19 symptoms before we visit, please let us know by calling 029 2087 2087.


We carry out Electrical Installation Condition testing on a number of Council properties. This is when the electric wiring and fittings in the house are tested for any wear or damage over time.

The three major hazards from electricity in the home are electric shock, fire and burns.

These can happen through:

  • The electrical inst​allation and equipment deteriorating over time.
  • Damage to switches, sockets and other equipment.
  • Misuse of the installation and equipment.
  • Poor or lack of maintenance of the installation and equipment.
  • Vandalism

Things you need to know

The testing usually takes between two and three hours and access is required to all parts of your property.

  • Not all properties require testing this year.
  • All tests are to be carried out by Approved and Qualified Electricians and Contractors.
  • Council Operatives and Contractors will always carry Identification and provide it on request.
  • If you are unsure you can check by ringing C2C on 029 20872087  
  • You do not need to contact Cardiff Council or its Contractors unless you receive a letter or phone call. 
  • It is important that you keep the appointment or ring up to re-arrange.
  • Please ensure that you have adequate credit on any prepaid meter.
  • Remove any personal belongings from inside any meter cupboard.
  • Allow the electrician access to all parts of your home when the test is being carried out.

Missed appointments can lead to delays in the programme for you and other tenants. Legal action may be required to gain access to the property and to carry out this inspection, with legal costs being charged to you.

If you do not keep to any appointments you will be charged a minimum of £50.

If you do not allow us to carry out the Electrical Condition Periodical Check, we will serve a legal notice.  We will apply to the Court for an injunction to gain access to your home to carry out this work, by force if necessary. 

Why do we need to carry out these tests? 

Landlords legally have to ensure that their rental property and any electrical equipment provided, are safe before a tenancy begins and throughout the duration of the tenancy.

A Landlord must ensure:

  • The property should be fit for people to live in at the beginning of the tenancy
  • The property should be kept in a fit state for people to live in during the tenancy​
Landlords must maintain a working condition and repair:
  • ​Installations in the property for the supply of water, gas and electricity, and for sanitation
  • Space heating and heating water​​
The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 and Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984– give landlord’s a duty of care for anyone visiting their property. 

A landlord could be prosecuted if someone is injured on their land or premises – regardless of whether the visitor is there lawfully (the 1957 Act) or trespassing (the 1984 Act.)

Cardiff Council's Electrical Safety Policy requires that all domestic dwellings are tested every 10 years for a rewired property and every 5 years for older installations or at a change of Tenancy.

  • If you have recently moved in to a property, and the property was unoccupied prior to moving in to your property will have been tested 
  • If you recently moved in as part of an exchange, the visiting officer that dealt with your exchange will have advised you to ring C2C to arrange for a new electrical test to be carried out.  
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