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Cardiff Council

Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)

​​​​​The WHQS arose from the National Housing Strategy for Wales ‘Better Homes for People in Wales’. The Standard was developed by the Welsh Government to provide a common target standard for the condition of all housing in Wales. 

The Welsh Housing Quality Standard states that all households should have the opportunity to live in good quality homes that are:​

  • In a good state of repair.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Adequately heated, fuel efficient and well insulated.
  • Contain up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Well managed.
  • Located in attractive and safe environments.
  • As far as possible suit the specific requirements of the household, (e.g. specific disabilities).


In September 2012 Cardiff was the first Council in Wales to achieve full WHQS accreditation.

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​​​The information in these documents has been designed for print. This format may not be fully accessible online.​

Maintaining the Welsh Housing Quality Standard

Now that Cardiff has met the Welsh Housing Quality Standard it is important to ensure the standard is maintained and investment is planned accordingly. The level of actual investment required will vary year on year and consequently detailed programmes of work require adjustment on a yearly basis.

We have a number of acceptable fails, (largely due to Resident’s Choice) and have implemented measures in order to re-visit and maximise achievement of the Standard. We review the standard when properties become vacant and are working closely with the Tenants Participation Team to enable tenants that have not received WHQS works or have changed their minds to contact us.

Funding the Welsh Housing Quality Standard

The funding is a combination of council house rent income, borrowed money (prudential borrowing) and the Major Repairs Allowance, (MRA) Grant from the Welsh Government. 

In 2022/23 Cardiff will receive £9.5m from the Welsh Government which will be spent on WHQS improvement schemes.

In 2022/23 Cardiff City Council will spend over £19m on WHQS improvements. 

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