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Are you homeless or rough sleeping?

We work with partners in Cardiff to provide advice, support and assistance to homeless people and rough sleepers in the city. If you are rough sleeping please contact us as soon as possible by phoning, visiting or emailing us.


The Housing Options Service  

Housing Options Centre, 

Hansen Street, 


​029 2057 0750

​Day​​ ​Opening Hours
​Monday - Wednesday ​9am - 4.30pm
​Thursday ​11am - 4.30pm
Friday ​9am - 4pm​
Out of hours please call -  029 2087 3141

We may need you to provide some information so that we can assess your situation. This will include proof of your identity and details of your income. Please provide the original documents we ask you for as quickly as possible.   

If you are not from Cardiff we can help you reconnect with your local community.

Cold can kill

S​leeping rough is dangerous at any time for people that are alone. If there is no alternative please remember: 

  • Sleep where there are other people 
  • Sleep on blankets or a sleeping bag, never directly on the ground – a bench or cardboard would be better 
  • Eat or drink something hot before you go to sleep, this will help to retain heat 
  • Keep your hands, feet and head well covered 
  • Alcohol causes dehydration, lowers body temperature and can cause hypothermia which can be fatal. 
  • Don’t drink alcohol before going to sleep.

Support for people who are rough sleeping

The team works in partnership with agencies providing frontline services covering issues such as emergency accommodation, health and substance misuse.

Daily service from 7am checking known locations for people rough sleeping in and around Cardiff.

The team provides support and advice as well as:

  • ​breakfast, hot drinks, sleeping bags, warm clothing, toiletries and help in locating further local provision throughout the day and evening.
  • access to specialist services, including housing advice, supported accommodation, benefit advice, healthcare and referrals to substance misuse centres.​
The Bus Project provides:

  • ​access to emergency care and support,
  • food and hot drinks, and
  • access to emergency accommodation.

Monday: Thursday 6.30pm - 9pm
Sunday: Sunday 5.30pm - 8pm 

Every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm - 4am in the City Centre.
Providing a hub for Huggard’s services, the city centre complex is open 365 days of the year providing support, advice and development expertise. We provide free and low cost meals, free clothing, laundry and personal hygiene facilities.​​