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Reductions and discounts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Council Tax ​Reduction

Council Tax Reduction is available to people on low incomes who have to pay Council Tax for the home they live in.

Single person discount

You could be entitled to a Council Tax discount if you live by yourself.

Disabled person reduction

Information about the Disabled person Council Tax reduction.

Severe Mental Impairment

Information about Council Tax reductions if someone has a severe mental impairment.

Council Tax exemp​​tions​​

Find out if you are exempt from paying Council Tax.

Student exemptions

Information for students about Council Tax exemptions.

​​​Unoccupied properties

Find out if your unoccupied propert is eligible for Council Tax reduction.

Discounts for people who are not counted​​

You may be entitled to a 25% Council Tax discount. See the list of people who are not counted for Council Tax.​


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