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Have your circumstances changed

​​​​​Changes to your personal circumstances could affect the amount of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you receive. 

Please make sure you tell us about any significant changes to your circumstances so that we can amend our records and make any necessary changes to your payments. If you are in receipt of Housing benefit and Council Tax Reduction you only need to tell us once. 

You can check the information we hold about your personal circumstances, and tell us if there has been a change to your circumstance us online.

You will need your claim number which is written on the top of any letters we have sent you. 
You can also report a change at your local Hubs ​or by calling 029 2087 1071. 

Changes you need to notify us of include: 

  • you change address 
  • you or your partner starts work, changes job or has a pay increase 
  • there is any change to any income that you or your partner receive 
  • your Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support stops 
  • one of your children leaves school or you have had a baby 
  • anyone moves in or out of the property, even on a temporary basis
  • if anyone living at the property goes away for more than 4 weeks, even if it’s only on a temporary basis for a holiday or to visit relatives
  • you have a new partner or become married or separated 
  • there is a change in your savings (only if they are above £6000 in total) 
  • you start or stop paying childcare costs or if the amount changes 
  • your rent changes (unless you are a council tenant) 
  • anyone in your home has a change of circumstances 
  • you are required to register your employment with the home office (remember to tell them if you change your job and tell us too). 
  • any welfare benefits change such as tax credits 

Please note these are examples and you should tell us immediately about any change that might affect your benefit.

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