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Petitioning for an Elected Mayor

A directly elected Mayor is an individual elected by the local government electors of an area to lead the Council and, together with his/her appointed Cabinet, to discharge the executive functions of the authority.

Citizens have the right to petition for a directly elected Mayor.  If the Council receives a valid petition signed by at least 10 per cent of the local government electors in its area, it must hold a Referendum.  If the Referendum results in a majority vote in favour of establishing an elected Mayor, the Council is obliged to introduce such arrangements.

Petitions must be presented to the Council within a six month period set by law (‘the Petition Period’).  The next Petition Period runs from 4 May 2016 to 3 November 2016.

The number of petition signatures required to trigger a Referendum (10% of the local electorate) is referred to as the Verification Number.  The Verification Number for Cardiff, published on 7th October 2015, is 24,647 – so this is the number of petition signatures required to trigger a Referendum.

In order to be legally valid, a petition must also:

Give the name, address, signature  and date of signature for each petitioner;

Not include signatures more than 6 months old (by the time the petition is received by the Council);

Contain a prescribed statement on each sheet  ; and

Give the name and full address of the Petition Organiser.

A Petition may therefore be started on or after 4th November 2015, and may be submitted to the Council during the Petition Period running from 4th May 2016 to 3rd November 2016.

Anyone can organise a petition.  The Petition Organiser is responsible for collecting the required number of signatures and submitting the petition to the Council. Once the petition has been submitted the petition organiser will be the person with whom we will correspond. 

Separate petitions can be amalgamated into one petition, either by the Petition Organiser before he/she presents the petition to the Council; or by the Council after it has received more than one petition.

For further information please download the Factsheet (89kb PDF)Link opens in a new window or contact Marie Rosenthal, Director of Governance and Legal Services, tel. 02920873905.​

Verification Figure and Statutory Notice (63kb PDF)Link opens in a new window

If you would like more information on this, please contact us.