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Cardiff Council

Nomination forms

When completing the nomination papers please ensure you complete and return all relevant forms accurately.​​

Election Agents

Every candidate must have an election agent (although a candidate can ​be his or her own election agent).

An Election Agent is the person responsible in law for the proper management of the election campaign and finances. An Election Agent must have an office address for all official documentation to be sent to. The Appointment of Election Agent's form is included with the nomination paper pack.

The nomination forms must be submitted to:
Electoral Services
Room 206
County Hall
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4UW

It is strongly advised to contact the office to arrange an informal check (electronically) of your nomination paper well in advance of the deadline of 4pm Thursday 8 April 2021 and that all nomination papers are delivered by hand and an appropriate appointment made.

Appointment of Agents​

Polling agents are allowed to attend polling stations during the hours of poll to note any irregularities or to help prevent personation.

Polling Agents must not be confused with 'tellers' who have no official status at the polling station. See Tellers Guidance and Tellers Do’s and Dont's documentation.

Please ensure any appointed polling agents do not impede, obstruct or intimidate voters on their way in or out of the polling station.

If you wish to appoint Polling Agents please complete and return the Polling Agent Appointment Form by Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Postal Vote Agents may observe proceedings at the opening of postal votes.

Each Candidate may appoint 2 agents to attend. 

Please complete the Postal Voting Agent Appointment Form to appoint Postal Vote Opening Agents by Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Counting Agents may observe proceedings at the verification and the count and oversee the process drawing attention to count staff of any doubtful ballot papers.

Each Candidate may appoint 5 agents to the Count. Please complete the Counting Agent Appointment Form by Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Each Candidate may appoint 1 Guest (formerly known as Spouse or Partner) who will be allowed access to the Count Centre. Please complete the Count Guest Appointment Form by Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Anyone who attends any of the proceedings must read and comply with the secrecy requirements.​

No form is required for the appointment of Tellers. Tellers may stand outside the polling place and may record the elector number of people who have voted to assist other party workers. Tellers must not impede, obstruct or intimidate voters on their way in or out of the polling place. 
Tellers have no legal status and voters have the right to refuse to give them any information.

Please ensure Tellers read and comply with the Tellers Guidance and Tellers Do's and Dont's. All polling station staff will also been given a copy of guidance. Due to Covid-19 restrictions Tellers will not be permitted in the polling station and must remain outside adhering to public health requirements.