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Changes to Recycling and Waste services


Easter Bank Holidays - No change to your collection day

Waste collection services will operate on both Good Friday (10 April) and Easter Monday (13 April).
Your collection day will remain the same but collection times may change so please ensure your waste is out by 6am. 


Your collection day is not changing, but the time we collect your waste may change.

To make sure you don’t miss your collection, please make sure your waste is out by 6am on your collection day. Your collection may take place any time between 6am-10pm.​

To ensure waste operations can continue with a reduced workforce, we may be unable to sort recyclable waste during this time. Recyclable items will go to the energy from waste plant along with general waste. This is the safest way to dispose of waste that may be carrying COVID-19.  
Where we are continuing to collect food waste separately, this will be going to our Anaerobic Digestion plant.
Once the crisis is over, we hope to resume services as quickly as possible


If you live in a flat, continue to recycle as normal. Your food waste, general waste and recycling will be collected weekly.​

All waste collections will become weekly.

If you live in a bin area

Use your black bin for non-recyclable waste (including nappies/incontinence pads) and food waste. Continue to use your recycling bags as normal, and put these next to your bin for collection. 

We will not collect additional black bags from outside your bin. 

However, if we know you were on the hygiene collection, we will collect additional black bags and or/yellow hygiene bags. This is only if this waste will not fit in your black bin.


If you live in a bag area

Use your red striped bags for non-recyclable waste (including nappies/incontinence pads). Use your kerbside caddy for food waste. Continue to use your recycling bags as normal, and put these next to your bin for collection. ​​

If you have run out of red striped bags, you can use black bags. We will re-deliver red striped bags to properties once normal service resumes. 

If you were on the hygiene service, we will collect additional black bags and or/yellow hygiene bags.​

All waste collections will become weekly.

If you live in a bin area

Please place food waste in your black bin. 

If you live in a bag area

We’re asking residents in bag areas to continue to separate their food waste. This will keep it contained in a kerbside caddy and reduce the risk of your bags being split. If you do not have a kerbside caddy, kitchen caddy or caddy liners, these can be ordered using our online form or via the CardiffGov app
All waste collections will become weekly. 
We’re asking you to continue to separate recyclable materials, just as you normally would. We recognise that there would be no space in your black bin/red striped bags for these items if you didn’t have a recycling bag collection. 
Washing these materials before putting them into your recycling bags keeps material clean and hygienic, for both you and our collection teams.
We want everyone to stay in their normal recycling habits. Once this crisis is over, we are confident that we can be the leading core recycling City in the UK.
​Separate collections are currently suspended. Please place glass in your recycling bags.
Separate fortnightly collections of hygiene waste are currently suspended, but you can still dispose of this waste weekly. 

If you have a black bin, please place your hygiene waste into your bin each week. 

If you live in a bag area, you can continue to use your yellow bags or you can use black bags. ​

Our teams know which properties were using the hygiene service, and will collect additional bags from outside your property or bin.
Garden waste collections are currently suspended.
Bulky items will not be collected.
If we have missed your collection during the COVID-19 public health crisis, we will not be able to return to collect it.

Please do not contact us, we will return to collect your recycling and waste next week. 

However if you are registered for a recorded collection (assisted lift) and we miss your bins, please let us know.

Our collection teams are developing this new way of working, and we ask you to bear with us during this time.

How you can help keep our staff safe

If you know or suspect you have Covid-19, all tissues/disposable cleaning wipes need to be double bagged and placed away from other waste for 72 hours.

After 72 hours, the bags then need to be placed within your black bin/red striped bags.

Any green recycling bags with tissues in will not be collected by crews. Tissues are not recyclable. Recycling is sorted with both mechanical and manual means. Bags contaminated with tissues put our workforce at greater risk of infection.

Disinfect your bin/kerbside caddy handles before, and after your collection.

Please bear with us, as our collection teams develop this new way of working.

Give our teams a wave and a smile when you see them- they’re continuing to #workforcardiff and a smile helps boost morale for everyone.