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Cardiff Council

Child Friendly City

This is a significant step towards Cardiff’s international recognition as one of the UK's first Unicef Child Friendly Cities. 

The strategy outlines the approach that we will take to build a Child Friendly Cardiff.
It sets out a shared vision for the city and identifies a clear set of goals and actions that the Council and its partners will deliver together. By focusing on these goals, we aim to make a lasting difference in the areas that are a priority for children and young people. There will be a particular focus upon our most vulnerable children and young people, to ensure that we make rights a reality for all. 

Actions taken today will be felt for generations to come. It is therefore vital that children and young people are informed, given a voice and can help influence decisions about where they live, the services that they receive and the future development of the city.

The Road Map to a Child Friendly Cardiff (2.36mb PDF)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window is also available. Members of the Children and Young People’s Advisory Board for the programme commissioned a cartoonist to illustrate a Road Map to a Child Friendly Cardiff to ensure all ages can engage with the strategy in a fun way. This will tour the city raising awareness of the work of the programme across ​communities.

To find out more about our mission to make Cardiff a Child Friendly City please visit the Child Friendly Cardiff website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​External link opens in a new window

Working together to become a Child Friendly City 

The Council and Public Service partners are working towards creating a Child Friendly City. We are the first Welsh Council to do this and the 3-year programme will see us collaborate with Unicef's Child Friendly Cities and Communities team to embed children's rights in local governance, policy and practice. 

What is a Child Friendly City and Community Initiative? 

Creating Child Friendly Cities and Communities is about a genuine and enduring commitment to children's rights. It's about creating and sustaining places where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are an integral part of public policies, programmes and decisions. 

The term ‘child friendly' is therefore not just about baby-changing facilities and asking for children's views on play equipment - although both are important. Child friendly initiatives are about bringing children and communities closer together. 

It's about supporting all children to be the best they can be and helping them engage actively with their communities. It is about valuing children, here and now, and working in partnership with communities to support and protect the most vulnerable children. 

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