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Cardiff Council

Corporate Plan

Delivering Capital Ambition
Cardiff’s Corporate Plan 2020-23

Leader’s Introduction

As my Administration enters the second half of its municipal term, we have reaffirmed our Capital Ambition commitments to create a greener, fairer and stronger capital city.  

This plan describes in detail how we will deliver our Capital Ambition programme.  

With the UK having now left the European Union, the plan sets out a positive and progressive response, with the Council investing alongside the private sector in a programme of major regeneration projects, placing a relentless focus on job creation and attracting inward investment.  This work will include completing Central Square and the city centre’s transformation as a business district, launching the next phase of Cardiff Bay’s regeneration and delivering a new Industrial Strategy for the east of the city, which will create new jobs in this too often overlooked part of the city.

But a strong economy is about much more than simply creating jobs and attracting investment. It is a scandal that many of the poorest communities in Wales – including the one I represent - are less than a stone’s throw away from the nation’s economic centre. And so, through initiatives like the Living Wage City, we will place an equal emphasis on ensuring that the jobs and opportunities created in Cardiff are taken by citizens of all our communities.

Education remains our top priority. This plan describes how we will continue to drive up school performance and reduce the attainment gap between children from our most affluent and deprived communities, led by our hundreds of millions pound investment in building new, and improving existing, schools, and our commitment to becoming a Unicef Child Friendly City.  

We will only achieve our ambition of becoming a Unicef Child Friendly City when Cardiff is a great place to grow up for all our children. Indeed, there can scarcely be a more important issue for the Council or the city than how we look after our most vulnerable children, particularly those in our care. We have invested in a new preventative, early help service for families that will put the right intervention in place, at the right time, in the right way. Over the next year, I expect this approach to begin making a big impact in helping families well before they reach a point of crisis. And we will make sure that the children in our care have the support from us, as a Corporate Parent, that any child would expect from their parent.

As with our youngest citizens, so too our oldest. The partnership working between the Council and the University Health Board, be it Council staff working alongside the nurses and doctors on the wards in the Heath or in facilities like the Dementia Centre in Ely, is an inspiration. As the cuts continue to come, these teams are lighting the path that other public services will need to follow. They are a perfect example of what I mean when I talk about creating in our public services ‘One Team, working for Cardiff’

We will continue to invest in our communities, building new Council homes for the first time in a generation, delivering our programme of community regeneration schemes and making services more accessible through our locality approach, which joins up all public services at the community level, centred on our successful Community Hubs. Allied to this approach, we will break down barriers between Council departments, acting as one team to keep our streets and communities clean, targeting our efforts intensively on inner city wards and areas of greatest need. 

This plan also sets out how we will respond to the Climate Emergency and ensure that Cardiff grows in a resilient and sustainable way. In no area of city life will this be more important than in shifting to sustainable transport. We have set out a £1billion programme of rail, bus and bike projects to drastically reduce our carbon emissions, air pollution and congestion, in addition to a range of initiatives in sustainable energy, housing and food. For those young people worried about your future, you have my commitment that we will do everything in our power to deliver this Green New Deal, and that Cardiff will play its part in meeting the challenge of the Climate Emergency.

We do not underestimate the difficulty of delivering our agenda. It will require bold solutions and big ideas, allied to ambitious and determined leadership, prepared to assemble a coalition of the willing. But I approach the years ahead with confidence, because I know that these are qualities that we in Cardiff have in abundance. 

I look forward to working with partners from every community of our great city to deliver our Capital Ambition of creating a greener, fairer, stronger future for Cardiff.