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Corporate Plan

Delivering Capital Ambition
Cardiff’s Corporate Plan 2018-21

Leader’s Introduction

Cardiff is now a true economic, cultural and political capital city. It’s a city of strong and safe communities, great schools and universities, and creative, talented, welcoming people.

The city economy is growing, jobs and businesses are being created and unemployment is at its lowest level this decade. The city’s profile has never been higher, and visitor numbers are growing every year. It’s a far cry from the city that was grappling with the challenges of deindustrialisation only a generation ago. Undeniably, Cardiff is Wales’ strongest economic asset and the nation’s best opportunity to secure sustainable economic success.

But there are major challenges too. For too long, the gap between rich and poor has been allowed to grow and many of Cardiff’s communities are amongst the poorest in Wales. Indeed, if the ‘Southern Arc’ of Cardiff, from Ely in the West to Trowbridge in the East, was considered a single local authority, it would be far and away the poorest in Wales. Too many people in Cardiff – many from working families – are struggling to meet their basic needs. Rates of child poverty in Cardiff are the highest in Wales. Almost one in every three children in our city now live in poverty. In some wards, it’s higher than one in two.

One city, two worlds. Of prosperity and poverty. Tackling poverty and inequality will therefore be at the heart of everything we do. We will hold a relentless focus on education and jobs, helping people to lift themselves out of poverty and giving all our citizens the chance to fulfil their potential.

This document sets out a programme of action, with commitments and targets, for how we intend to do this, in the face of what remain severe budget challenges faced by all public services. It sets out how we will continue to invest in and improve our schools, our plans for building more affordable housing and tackling homelessness, and how we will protect the city’s most vulnerable people. It contains bold plans for tackling congestion and air pollution, improving recycling rates and keeping our streets clean.

In total, it contains a series of commitments which will help change the lives of many, many people in this city for the better. It’s a plan that is ambitious for the future of our local public services, for the people and communities we serve and for the people of Wales.

Cllr Huw Thomas
Leader of Cardiff Council

Download the full Corporate Plan (4mb PDF) Link opens in a new window ​​​