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Cardiff Council

Budget Archive

Cardiff Council is facing a major financial challenge next year with budget cuts in the region of over £50 million as a result of significant funding reductions from Welsh Government and increasing pressures on existing Council resources.


To achieve this saving we need to make significant changes to the way we do things. We have made every effort to protect priority services whilst taking a ‘whole council’ approach to reduce costs.

Budget Engagement Report February 2014​​​​​​​​​​Link opens in a new window.

Budget timetable 2014/15

Here are the important dates for the decision making process for the 2014/15 budget.




Thursday 30 January:

Public consultation on budget saving proposals 2014/15 will be launched after the Full Council Meeting at City Hall and will then be available online.

Monday 10 February:

Scrutiny Committee meetings on budget saving proposals 2014/15 begin.

Thursday 13 February:

Public consultation closes.

Thursday 20 February:

Cabinet meeting to finalise their proposed 2014/15 budget.

Thursday 27 February:

Budget for 2014/15 considered at the Full Council Meeting at City Hall.

 Budget savings proposals 2014/15

Budget proposal 2014/15 - Thursday 30 January 2014


Capital Programme Expenditure 2014/15 - Thursday 30 January 2014


Useful background papers and reports


Links to the useful background documents for the 2014/15 budget are provided below.



To inform the budget process the Choices for Cardiff Budget Priorities Consultation was undertaken in December 2013. This was an opportunity for citizens to provide their views on Cardiff's budget priorities. The process included a series of facilitated events and an online consultation tool. The facilitated events were attended by members of the Cabinet to listen to the views and ideas of members of the public as well as stakeholders. The key consultation documents are provided below:


  • Choices for Cardiff (pdf) / Young Person version of Choices (pdf) - a document explaining the background to our budget shortfall and what it potentially means for Cardiff and the services the Council provides.
  • Voices for Cardiff (pdf) - a document showing an overview of the response to our Ask Cardiff 2013 survey in which people in Cardiff were asked their views on the city, the Council and which services they consider to be most important.
  • Budget Engagement Report (pdf) - December 2013 - The Budget Engagement Report provides a summary of the outcomes of the engagement events and the result of the online consultation tool.

Review of grant funding

In Autumn 2013 the Council reviewed grants to partner organisations. The priority was to provide services which deliver the best outcome for citizens through a fairer, more accountable commissioning process whilst making much needed savings. 

The recommendations of this review were approved by the Council’s Cabinet on the 10th October 2013. 

Find out more about how the proposals affect the grants involved.

Non-priority grants

In the past, we have been fortunate to be able to fund a diverse range of organisations, ranging from those providing essential services such as care and support to the elderly, to a variety of smaller groups and organisations. In the current economic climate against a backdrop of severe financial restraints, our priority has to be the services which support the Council's strategic aims and which support identified need. On this basis, the Cabinet agreed to cease some grant funded schemes from 1st April 2014.  

We understand the challenges this may present to organisations, however we hope you can appreciate the difficulties of the financial situation we are in. The Cabinet report did recognise the value of making accessible small levels of funding for agreed local priorities which has led to the establishment of a new neighbourhood fund of £180,000 for the city's six neighbourhood partnership areas.

In order to ensure that all information was considered a number of Equality Impact Assessments (EqIA) formed part of this process and have been written on the potential loss of grant funding - these can be accessed from the link below.

Commissioned services

The proposals agreed by Cabinet mean that the overall amount of direct support available in monetary terms for some currently grant-funded services will remain the same. However we will commission the services we require from our partner organisations, through a formal procurement exercise for a fixed period of time, offering the delivery organisations and our citizens greater stability.

We will continue to grant fund existing services until we have developed appropriate commissioning plans and service specifications to deliver the services we require going forward. This means reviewing our current commissioned services and potentially re-shaping them to ensure they are fit for purpose, sustainable and critically that they address the needs and outcomes of our citizens.

We are planning to hold a number of workshops with 3rd sector providers over the coming months to work through some of these issues. Additionally, prior to the procurement exercise being run we will organise a number of joint sessions with Business Wales from the Welsh Government who specialise in providing help and support to 3rd sector and SME's on how to successfully tender for contracts. 

Infrastructure and Key Equality Organisations

Our priority is providing services which deliver the best outcome for our citizens. The proposals will deliver a fairer, more accountable way of commissioning services to ensure we get the best value for the services we fund.

The amount of direct support we give to infrastructure and key equality organisations has been reduced by 10% for the 2014/15 financial year. The future funding position also looks challenging and we will be having discussions with these organisations going forward to look at how a more sustainable funding position could be achieved through more joint working across organisations.

In order to ensure that all information was considered a number of Equality Impact Assessments (EqIA) formed part of this process and have been written on the potential loss of grant funding - these can be accessed from the link below.

Reports & Supporting Information

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We welcome your comments or to discuss the service you provide directly with us please contact your assigned Grants Officer (pdf).