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Equality Act 2010 Information for Taxis

​As a taxi driver you should give your service to all customers including those with wheelchairs, mobility issues or who may need help. 

You should give help to any passengers who need help and you are not allowed to refuse them or charge extra.

These regulations fall under section 165 of the Equality Act 2010. Under section 167 of the same Act we maintain a list of 'designated vehicles' which are wheelchair accessible. We update this list monthly.

If you drive a designated vehicle, the following duties will apply:

  1. to carry a passenger whilst in the wheelchair
  2. not to make any additional charge for doing so
  3. if the passenger chooses to sit in a passenger seat, to carry the wheelchair
  4. to take any steps necessary to make sure that the passenger is carried in safety and reasonable comfort
  5. to give the passenger such mobility assistance as is reasonably required:
      • to allow the passenger to get into or out of the vehicle
      • if the passenger wishes to remain in the wheelchair, to enable the passenger to get into and out of the vehicle while in the wheelchair
      • to load the passenger's luggage into or out of the vehicle
      • ​if the passenger does not wish to remain in the wheelchair, to load the wheelchair into or out of the vehicle

Designated vehicle list​​​​​

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