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Placing cranes over a highway

​​​​​​​​Permissions to use the Public Highway for Cranes, Crane Oversail Licences and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (Cherry Picker) are granted by the issue of licences/permits by the Council as the Highway Authority under the Highways Act 1980.

Items placed on the highway without a valid permit are an illegal obstruction and the Council can take enforcement action in such cases.

Applicant checklist

A Copy of the following items must be attached with this application otherwise the application will ​not be processed​.
  1. A copy of your company’s Public Liability Insurance Certificate (£10.000.000)
  2. A Traffic Management Plan- This proposal must include a drawing of all relevant signage, clearly and safely directing traffic and pedestrians around the operation. It must also include any proposed diversion route if applicable.
  3. Any relevant site plans or diagrams and a drawing of the position and extent of the travel of the jib over the highway.
  4. Confirmation of Road closures/Parking bay suspensions/Bus Bay suspensions (if applicable)
  5.  Copies of Current Qualifications or Certificates of Crane Operators, Riggers and other personnel involved with the proposed Crane Operation

Please note: Your application will be rejected if incorrect or incomplete paperwork is submitted.


Cost for cranes
Mobile cranes
​Tower crane oversails
£190 (per 28 days)​

Cost for cherry pickers/mobile elevating work platform (MEWP)
Under 10 sqm
​Over 10 sqm

Penalty for non-observance

Enfor​cement measures will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 plus the appropriate licence fee.

The Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £100 will also be enforced if the Terms and Conditions are not adhered to. The company director of the authorised officer is responsible for ensuring that all the Terms and Conditions are adhered to.

How to apply

Crane, oversail and cherry picker application​​​​​​​​​


1. All applications must be made by the Main Operator. Their details will be held by Cardiff Council and will be responsible for all matters relating to the ‘cherry picker/machinery/equipment’ and it’s use on the adopted highway.

2. The Licence Holder must insure that all ‘cherry Picker/machinery/equipment’ is used by fully trained, competent and certified personnel.

3. The Licence Holder is responsible for any damage caused by the operation, setting up and dismantling of any ‘cherry Picker/machinery/equipment’. Cardiff Council retain the right to repair any damage to Road/Footway surfaces, Street Furniture, Street Lighting, or any other item/s maintained by Cardiff Council. Any costs incurred by the Cardiff Council as a result of damage relating to ‘the crane/machinery/equipment’ will be invoices to the Licence Holder.

4. The Licence Holder shall note that Cardiff Council may, if it is deemed reasonable to do so, terminate the licence without notice. At such times all operations must stop and the crane/machinery/equipment must be dismantled and removed from the highway without delay.

5. The Licence Holder is responsible for providing and maintaining suitable Signage, Lighting and guarding in accordance with Chapter 8.

6. No ‘Cherry picker/machinery/equipment’ is to be placed on the adopted highway until permission has been granted by Cardiff Council

7. The Licence Holder must notify Highways for any unforeseen operational delays in relation to this application and must apply for any overstaying beyond the dates that have been submitted under this Licence.

8. A copy of this licence must be help on site with the Cherry picker/machinery/equipment Operatives along with copies of method statements and traffic management plans. The Licence Holder is responsible in ensuring all operatives are fully aware of the Terms and Conditions to which any Licence is granted.

Penalty for non-observance
Any action taken by Cardiff Council to remedy a breach of these conditions, or to repair any damage caused, will result in the full costs being recovered from the License holder.

Legal Indemnity
The License Holder shall indemnify, and keep indemnified, Cardiff Council and/or its servants and agents against any liability, from all claims, demands, actions, costs and damages arising out of by or in consequence of the erection of any scaffolding on the carriageway, footway, or grass verge. The period of indemnity is to run from the commencement of the deposition until the final removal of the materials. The sum covered by the policy to be £5,000,000 for any one event with a reputable insurer. Whenever required the License Holder shall produce to the Authority the policy, or policies of insurance and the receipts for payment of the current policy.

What happens next?

Once the application is received it will be processed and you will be contacted to take payment by Debit / Credit Card.

Payment in full is required before a licence/permit can be issued.

If the application is unsuccessful, Cardiff Council will contact you with the reasons for the refusal to grant permission in this instance.

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