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Workplace recycling

All businesses, charities, and public sector organisations must sort their waste for recycling. This also applies to all waste and recycling collectors and processors who manage household-like waste for workplaces. 

The Welsh Government introduced this law to improve the quality and quantity of recycling. 

What waste needs to be separated 

You must​ separate: 

  • food, 
  • paper and card, 
  • glass, 
  • metal, plastic and cartons, 
  • unsold textiles, and
  • unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (sWEEE).

Each type of waste must be collected separately. 

There is also be a ban on:

  • sending any food waste to sewer, 
  • separately collected waste going to incineration and landfill, and
  • all wood waste going to landfill.

You can find out more about workplace recycling​ on the Welsh Government website. ​


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