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Defnyddiwch eich cod post i ddod o hyd i gynghorwyr, cyfleusterau, dalgylchoedd ysgol lleol a mwy.

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Cyngor Caerdydd

Trwyddedau adloniant ac alcohol

Premises licence

Authorises the supply of alcohol, provision of entertainment or of hot food at night from an individual premises.

Club premises certificate

Members’ clubs can operate under club premises certificates instead of premises licences.

Personal licence

Allows you to sell alcohol on behalf of any business that has a premises licence or a club premises certificate.

Temporary event notices

Premises that wish to provide small scale activity that requires a licence on an occasional basis. 

Sex establishment licence

Any shops, entertainment venues or cinemas of this nature require a licence

Licensing act reviews

A licence review can be sought where premises are causing nuisance and there is evidence that the problems are related to the licensing objectives.

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